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About the Staff Senate


The mission of the Staff Senate is:

  • To serve as the representative body for the staff employees of the Virgina Tech.
  • To act in an advisory capacity to the university administration and governance system.
  • To appoint or recommend staff representatives to University Council, commissions, advisory councils, committees and other ad hoc committees as appropriate
  • To provide a two-way medium for the exchange of information between the staff and the administration.
  • To foster a spirit of unity and cooperation.
  • To provide referral for individual concerns and problems to appropriate organizations or personnel.
  • To accept and share responsibility with the administration, faculty, and students in all efforts to attain the stated goals of the University.


The Staff Senate's constitution describes the authority, purpose, and membership of the senate, terms of office and election of officers, service on University Council, commissions, and committees, and amendment procedures.



The Staff Senate's Bylaws describe officers' duties, election processes, committee makeup, and meeting rules.


PDF version of the Constitution and Bylaws.

History of Staff Governance

The governance structure with university-wide staff representation began on September 26, 1989. A constitution and bylaws were established and the newly created Staff Senate held its first meeting on September 19, 1991.


Benefits of Participation

There are many benefits of participation in the Staff Senate and in university governance, including having a voice in policy decisions, creating a satisfying place to work, and improving communication among staff and administration.