The Staff Senate elects officers each spring to serve for the upcoming year.

Staff Senate officers, 2017-2018


Robert Sebek (University Libraries)
phone: 540-231-1849
mail code: 0434

Vice President  

Tamarah Smith (Office of Summer and Winter Sessions)
phone: 540-231-7327
mail code: 0392


Heather Parrish (Veterinary Medicine)
phone: 540-231-5007
mail code: 0442


Brian Huddleston (Veterinary Medicine)
mail code: 0442


The Executive Board of the senate meets monthly to discuss items of importance to all non-faculty salary and non-student wage employees and to set the agenda for Staff Senate meetings.

2017-2018 Executive Board (senate officers and committee chairs)

Robert Sebek - President
Tamarah Smith - Vice President
Heather Parrish - Secretary/Treasurer
Brian Huddleston - Parliamentarian



Katrina Loan, Chair
Physics (0435)

Elections and Nominations

Jon Wooge, Chair
CALS College Farm (0402)

Policies and Issues

Robert Sebek, Interim Chair
University Libraries (0434)

McComas Leadership Seminar Planning

Tammie Smith, Chair
Office of Summer and Winter Sessions (0392)